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One of our most popular types of embellishments, Handy Hippo carries a large variety of Butterflies to use on cards, scrapbook pages and many other paper crafting projects, particularly for wedding invitations.

We attribute the popularity of these embellishments to the many symbolic meanings, from around the world, associated to the butterfly.

Some of these symbolic meanings and the related countries are as follows:

  • Long life or young men in love (Mandarin Chinese)
  • Young maidens and marital bliss (Japan)
  • Witches trying to steal cream (Germany)
  • Souls of those who have passed away (Ancient Greek, some Russia, Mexico)
  • Souls of those who are waiting to pass through Purgatory (Irish)
  • Freedom, fun and joyous times (Western World)

We offer numerous ways to purchase Butterflies, including different pack quantities, solid and multi-colour, sizes, and mediums like paper, chenille, wood, lace and more.

Here are some creative suggestions for using using Butterflies:

  • Embellish garden-themed projects.
  • Create a trail of Butterflies to imply movement.
  • String a whole bunch of Butterflies together to create a garland or border.