Handy Hippo is a mail order craft supplier that believes your shopping experience should be as enjoyable as the time you spend using our products to create beautiful cards, wedding invitations and scrapbooks. We specialise in supplies for card making and wedding stationery, but we also stock plenty of great quality children's craft supplies, jewellery making supplies and scrapbooking materials as well. [[image:examplecards.jpg|center|Example cards for all occasions...]] Handy Hippo started life in the only way that a craft shop really should - a passion for crafting. Alison has always been an avid craft enthusiast and had dreamed of starting her own business, along with her husband and co-founder, Richard. After many long weeks spent finding all the supplies to create their wedding invitations, and even more evenings actually making them all, the ideas for Handy Hippo started to come together. [[image:p3730t|right|We have all kinds of fun craft supplies]] In 2004 a cheeky looking hippo popped onto the Internet and Handy Hippo started to send out all kinds of fun craft supplies to customers. Since then we have been growing constantly, adding new products, creating new project ideas and updating the web site to make it the best place to discover, learn, and purchase the craft supplies you need. So what is the secret of our success? Simple - we listen to our customers. We receive hundreds of messages, comments and feedback from customers every month and we read them all. Using your feedback we decide which new products to get first, which new features to add to the web site next and how we can better serve every one of our customers time and time again. Sure, it's easy to find products on our web site, the web site is fast and secure, we offer a flexible range of payment options, and we deliver your orders quickly without any fuss. But we do all that, and more, because you tell us that's what you need. We're still learning, still growing and still adding more and more of your favourite craft items every week. If there is something you think we should know that would make it even better for you, don't hesitate to [[/feedback let us know...]] ==Are You Trying to Get In Touch? * You can [[/youraccount.php Track your order]] and update your details from **[[/youraccount.php Your Account]]**. * Find all our **[[Contact Us|Contact Details]]**, including our postal address, and email address for customer service. During business hours our goal is to reply to all customer email within one hour. * Read our **[[Help Guide]]** for answers to common questions, such as [[/articles/3/help-guide#how-does-handy-hippo-deliver delivery options]], [[/articles/3/help-guide#returns-policy returns policy]], [[/articles/3/help-guide#privacy-policy privacy policy]] and more.