This simple yet elegant wedding invitation is quick and easy to make, with the gems giving an opportunity to put in an extra splash of colour. [[image:p41i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * [[p2316|Cream Hammer Textured Card]] * Brown textured card (we used [[p5479|Coffee]]) * [[p577|Gold Wedding Vellum]] * [[p2282|Plain White Vellum]] * [[p1183|Rose Flat Back Swarovski Gems]] * Glue Dots Invisi Dots for Vellum * Glue, Scissors and a Ruler ==Instructions 1. The first step is to make the cream and brown base for the invitation. You will need an A5 piece of cream hammer textured card (this is half of a standard A4 sheet), which measures approximately 148mm x 210mm (5 3/4" x 8 3/4"). Now cut out a rectangle of the brown card which measures approximately 132mm x 194mm (5 1/4" x 7 5/8"). Glue the brown card centrally onto the cream card, using a glue stick. 2. We now need to add the really effective torn edge layer. Lay the piece of wedding vellum down on a flat surface and hold a ruler down firmly about 1cm (3/8") in from the edge of the vellum. Lift up the 1cm edge of the paper and tear this strip off of the edge of the vellum sheet. You can get a rougher edge by trying to move the strip away from the ruler and back again slightly as you tear. It is worth practising this with a piece of paper first. Tear out a rectangle from the wedding vellum, which measures roughly 120mm x 180mm (4 3/4" x 7 1/8"). Use the Invisi-Dots (these are used because the card is dark and a regular glue would be visible through the vellum) to stick this centrally onto the brown card. {{ image:p41_a.jpg }} 3. The next step is to stick the worded layer of vellum onto the centre of the torn layer. We have printed out the wording onto an A4 sheet of white vellum, which worked on both our laser and inkjet printers, but you will need to read the instructions for your printer before doing so. We played around with the size and layout of the wording until it fitted into the centre of the torn layer (ours measured 95mm x 140mm (3 3/4" x 5 1/2"). It is worth getting this right on a few sheets of scrap paper before printing onto the vellum. Stick the worded message centrally onto the torn layer, again using Invisi Dots. :**Handy Tip:** Get a friend to proof read the wording before printing all the sheets out - there is nothing worse than making 120 wedding invites only to discover you put the wrong date on them all... 4. The only thing left is to add the finishing touch, which is to put a flat backed [[Swarovski gem]] at each corner of the inner layer. To do this, we used a [[Sakura Quickie Glue pen]]. You can either put a small dot of glue where you want the gem to go and place the gem onto it, or put the glue onto the back of the gem and carefully position it. Your invitation is finished!