This card is easy to make and easily adaptable for lots of different occasions. Just changing the colours can give you a very different effect. [[image:fullcard.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools *[[Penny Black Rubber Stamp, Merci]] *Black StazOn Ink Pad *Embossing pens (we used [[p1244|Cherry Pink]], [[p1191|Peony Purple]], [[p1196|Black]] and [[p1192|Spring Green]]) *Aqua Flow Brushes or a fine paint brush and water *Happy Birthday Stamp *Purple Ink Pad (we used Versamagic Chalk Purple Hydrangea [[p4180]]) *White Square Card Blank *White Card *Textured card (we used [[p5448|Bubblegum]] and [[p5438|Plum]]) *Mini Mounting Pads *[[All Purpose Glue]] ==Instructions 1. The first step is to stamp the image and colour it in. Use black Stazon ink to stamp the cat image onto a piece of white card ([[p4512|watercolour paper]] is ideal for this project). **Stazon ink is waterproof** when dry, which allows us to colour in the image without the ink running. Once the ink is dry, we will colour in the image. To do this, we have used [[s179|Dual Tip Embossing Pens]] and water. You can draw directly onto the card, then spread and blend the ink using a wet [[p688|paintbrush]]. If you want to mix colours, or for a more subtle effect, colour in a small area with one of the pens onto a smooth surface (such as a palette, old plate or an acrylic block) and mix in a little water. The more water you add, the softer the colour gets. You can then pick up the colour from the block and paint with it like normal. You can mix the colours of ink from different pens to vary the range of colours. {{image:paintedstamp.jpg|centre}} 2. Next we need to make our topper. Cut out the stamped image, leaving a little space around the edge. Cut out a slightly larger rectangle of the purple card and stick the stamped image centrally onto it, using some all purpose glue. Cut out a slightly larger rectangle of pink card and stick the topper onto this, then repeat with another slightly larger rectangle of the purple card. {{ image:louredlayers.jpg image:nishedtopper.jpg }} 3. The final step is to stamp a message onto a card blank and position the topper. Using the purple ink pad, stamp your message centrally on the bottom of the card. If you have used different colours, try to find a colour of ink to match one of them. Use mini mounting pads to stick the topper onto the card blank. Your card is finished! {{image:finishedcard.jpg|centre}}