We know natural daylight is best for our eyes. It's gentler than artificial light, makes outlines crisper, detail more defined and allows us to see colours as they really are. Artificial light has a tendency to distort colours, so that what we think we are seeing is not a true reflection of how that fabric, paint, card or those beads really look. And ordinary household lighting can be harsh on our eyes. If it's not bright enough, it can give us eye strain, but if it's too bright our eyes react by squinting, which can lead to headache and eye fatigue. We could get around the sore eyes and colour distortion by avoiding artificial light and doing all our crafting in natural daylight. But as much as we'd love to, in the British climate we can't really count on being able to pursue our favourite crafts outside. A sudden gust of wind, and there goes all the Flower Soft! ==So what to do?[[image:OttLiteLogo.png|right]] Well, we've found a nifty solution. OttLite Natural Daylight [[s423|craft lamps]] make it much easier to see what you're working on, and they're kind to your eyes too. They use a technology called 508 Illumination, which means they emit light at the perfect frequency for close-up work, combining contrast and brightness in just the right balance. This makes seeing easier and more comfortable, with no harsh glare, no distortion and no eye fatigue, so you're free to spend as many hours as you like working on your favourite projects. The lamps are easy to set up and use, and the bulbs are simple to replace - though you won't need to do that very often. Each lighting tube lasts up to 10,000 hours, which is equivalent to leaving the lamp on 24 hours a day, every day, for over a year. They also have a low heat output, which makes them comfortable to use for long periods. There are four different models available, so you can find the perfect lamp to suit your needs. Click on the images below for more information: {{ image:rechargabletasklampsmall.jpg|link:p6170|Rechargeable Task Lamp image:wingshadelampsmall.jpg|link:p6172|Wing Shade Table Lamp image:craftlampsmall.jpg|link:p6171|Folding Craft Lamp image:tasklampsmall.jpg|link:p6169|Task Lamp image:bulbssmall.jpg|link:p6173|Replacement Bulbs }} So if you enjoy your crafting and you'd like to: * **See colours more accurately** when choosing and matching up materials * Work on your favourite crafts for as long as you like **without eye fatigue** * See details clearly when doing **intricate work** and read small instructions easily Make a **[[s423|natural daylight craft lamp]]** part of your essential crafting kit.