So, you want to use [[eyelets]] or [[brads]] in your craft project, but you need a tool to set them into place. Which one do you choose? There is a great range of tools available now, ranging from simple budget tools that get the job done, to more flexible and versatile tools that will work with a much bigger range of materials and eyelets. Below we will be looking at the [[p5685]], [[p5686|Crop-A-Dile Eyelet Setter]] and the [[p1839]] but first, we should cover some of the basics... [[image:p1304i|right|Some lovely gold eyelets...]] ===What do all the tools do and how do they work?=== All the Eyelet tools that we stock can :- * Punch holes in at least 2 different sizes including 3/16" (5mm) and 1/8" (3mm) * Set Eyelets of the same 2 sizes into the hole just punched. The "setting" of the eyelet is normally achieved by bending the back of the eyelet down so that is grips the back of the card. The end result is a neat hold in your card, with a decorative metal eyelet around the edge of the hole to strengthen it. If you want to put a brad in place, to hold part of your card or scrapbook page together, then you can use the powerful hole punch on these tools to create a neat and tidy hole for the brad to go through. So which tool is right for you? Lets take a look at the different options... ==Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite== This is the daddy of all Eyelet setting tools. It is really solid and incredibly well built and has a super powerful hole punch and setting tool that is just so easy to use. [[image:bigbite.jpg|link:p5685]] The main advantages of this tool are:- * **Very Long Reach**. Because of the unique design of the Big Bite, it can punch holes and set eyelets right in the centre of a normal 12" x 12" scrapbook page, or anywhere on even the biggest greetings card. * **Punches holes in almost anything**. Since the Big Bite is so tough, it can punch holes in paper, card, leather, fabric, plastic, thin tin, chipboard and more (even CD's, though why you would want it, the manual isn't clear!) * The clever adjustable head of the tool can handle 3/16", 1/8" eyelets and gromlet's and flat embellishments. * **Silent**. It's powerful handle gives it the strength to punch through almost anything without a lot of noise and fuss. The main disadvantages of this tool are :- * **Quite Large**. The Big Bite is pretty big, but if you want to be able to reach more than a few centimeters from the edge of the card, it is the only way to do it in such an easy to use package. {{ image:longreach.jpg|The Big Bite can reach into the middle of a 12"x12" page|link:p5685 image:ruler.jpg|Position your eyelets accurately, with a built in ruler|link:p5685 image:settinghead.jpg|The super strong hole punch and setting heads|link:p5685 }} [[p5685|See it in our shop...]] ==Crop-A-Dile Starter Set== The slightly smaller and more compact [[p5686|Crop-A-Dile]] works in the same way to its [[p5685|big brother]]. However, to get you started it is supplied with a selection of eyelets and comes in a handy storage case that even has room for your eyelets. Since it is slightly smaller than the Big Bite, it comes in at £ 2 less, even though it includes the case and almost **250 eyelets** into the bargain. [[image:cropadileset.jpg|link:p5686]] The main advantages of this tool are:- * **Compact Size**. This tool is about as big as a pair of large scissors * **Tough and Robust**. It is a really solid and strong tool, so it won't let you down. * **Ready To Go**. Since it has its own carry case and a selection of eyelets to get you started, you're ready to go right from the start. * **Handles a wide range of eyelets**. The clever adjustable head of the tool can handle 3/16" and 1/8" eyelets without any problem. * **Silent**. It's powerful handles gives it the strength to punch through almost anything without a lot of noise and fuss. The main disadvantages of this tool are :- * **Short Reach**. If you want to set eyelets more than about an inch from the edge of the card you will need to go for the [[p5685|Big Bite]] instead. {{ image:cropadiletool.jpg|The Crop-A-Dile|link:p5686 image:cropadileopen.jpg|A peek inside the Crop-A-Dile case|link:p5686 image:cropadilehead.jpg|The Crop-A-Dile's teeth!|link:p5686 }} [[p5686|See it in our shop...]] ==Value Eyelet Setter Starter Set== Coming in at about half the price of it's more expensive companions, this eyelet setter is ideal for anyone on a tight budget. It includes 3 different hole punch sizes and 3 different "setting" attachments that can be used to set an eyelet in place. It also includes the cutest little cutting mat you've ever seen to protect your table. [[image:p1839i]] Using this eyelet setter is slightly different to using the 2 [[Crop-A-Dile]] eyelet setters. Simply attach the appropriate hole punch to the end of the handle, place your card on the mat and press down. Inside the handle is a clever spring system that hammers the head onto the card when you are pushing hard enough. You can adjust how hard you need to press before this happens, so you can choose to make a few light hammers to make your cuts and do it one hit if you like. Once you have your hole cut, replace the cutting head with the right setting head and repeat the process with the eyelet in the hole. The main advantages of this tool are:- * **Great Price**. This tool is all about value for money. * **Ready To Go**. The set includes everything you need, including a pack of 3/16" and 1/8" eyelets. The main disadvantages of this tool are :- * **Hammer Noise**. When the internal hammer clicks down, it can be a little bit noisy, though nothing like as bad as many eyelet setters out there. [[p1839|See it in our shop...]]