Once again, Christmas pressie buying time is here. And if you're anything like us, you'll still be racking your brains for what to get everybody. Well, don't panic. We've managed to find some great gift ideas right here on Handy Hippo. However much you have to spend, you're sure to find something suitable - whether it be an inexpensive stocking filler for the kids, a Secret Santa surprise, or an extra-special gift for that dedicated crafter. So fetch yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and do your Christmas shopping the easy way... ==Gifts for £5 and under We've lots of stocking fillers that come in at under £5. For little ones, we've plenty of fun [[s148|craft kits and gifts]], many of them now on special offer at our best-ever prices - some for just 39p! {{image:p2562t image:p2566t image:p5979t caption: //Left to Right: Pig and Cow Pom Pom Kit £1.70 - Foam Scrapbook Kit £2.55 - Rainbow Scraper Fun, Puppy £0.39//|link:s148| }} For grown-ups, we've a selection of little [[s397|cross-stitch kits]] containing everything needed to make a mini cross-stitch. Prices range from just £0.86 to £2.65: {{image:p5605t image:p5628t image:p5609t caption: //Mouseloft Lion Cross-Stitch £2.09 - Mouseloft Snowman Cross-Stitch Card £2.65 - Mouseloft Zebra Cross-Stitch £2.05//|link:s397| }} If you know someone who loves rubber stamping, our entire range of [[s424|Wild Rose Studio clear stamps]] are just £4.99 each. Over 60 cute designs to choose from, including the popular Cappuccino Girl: [[image:wildrosestudiocappuccinogirl.jpg|centre|//Cappuccino Girl £4.99//|link:p6248]] And, if you're looking for a practical pressie, we also have several [[s142|craft storage]] items for under a fiver. Give someone the gift of tidiness this Christmas - priceless! [[image:p860i|centre|//Large Craft Organiser £4.59//]] ==Gifts for £5 - £10 As a crafter yourself, you'll know that you can never have too many [[s407|ProMarkers]]. And with all of our 5 packs now on special offer at just £7.99, they make a great inexpensive gift: [[image:p5722i|centre|//ProMarkers Xmas Classic £7.99//]] Nearly all of our [[s185|wood mounted rubber stamps]] also come in at between £5 and £10. With all kinds of themes and designs available, you're sure to find the perfect gift for any stamping enthusiast: {{image:pennyblackcake.jpg|link:p6417 image:pennyblacksweetthing.jpg|link:p6413 caption://Penny Black Break for Cake £9.99 - Penny Black Sweet Thing £7.99// }} And for children, our [[s263|Sculpey clay modelling kits]] include everything needed to make fun clay models. A great easy way to try clay modelling for the first time: [[image:p6036i|centre|//Sculpey Play Set, Bake and Bend £7.49//]] ==Gifts for £10 - £20 If this is your budget, you're in luck! There are stacks of gift ideas in this category. Most of our [[s304|CD Roms]] come in at under £20, and will provide a lifetime of printable decoupage, backing papers, etc: [[image:messyrabbitcdrom.jpg|centre|link:p6499|//Joanna Sheen Messy Rabbit CD £18.99//]] Our new [[s458|Tombow Brush Pens]] at £16.79 for 6 are also sure to go down a storm, not only with crafters but artists and kids too. With two ends, each pen can be used like a pen and a paintbrush: [[image:p6957i|centre|//Tombow 6 Brush Pens, Pastels £16.79//]] If you're looking for something a bit different for someone who enjoys jewellery making, one of our [[p2679|Bead Rollers]] will help them create their very own beads: [[image:p2679i|centre|//Bead Roller, Triple Pearl and Ball £15.99//]] Or how about getting a keen card maker started on embossing? You can pick up a [[p4689|heat gun]] for just £16.99 - plus you get an [[s92|embossing powder]] free, so it's 2 gifts for the price of one! [[image:embossing.jpg|centre|link:p4689|//Heat Gun plus free Embossing Powder £16.99 (ink sold separately)//]] For the crafter with all the equipment they need but nowhere to put it, we've got this nifty little [[p6514|caddy]]. Made from durable black canvas with Gypsy Pink detail, it's perfect for storing tools, pens and other crafty bits and pieces: [[image:p6514i|centre|link:p6514|//Tool Caddy £18.49//]] ==Gifts for £20 - £30 If you've more than £20 to spend, our [[p6514|Fimo Starter Pack]] makes a superb gift for adults or children. It contains 24 colourful blocks of Fimo Soft and is a great way to try clay modelling for the first time: [[image:p2610i|centre|link:p2610|//Fimo Starter Pack £21.95//]] For the environmentally conscious crafter, these [[p6967|recycled colouring pencils]] made from reclaimed wood with a natural finish make a thoughtful gift: [[image:p6967i|centre|link:p6967|//Recycled Colouring Pencils £29.65//]] Or you could make someone's Christmas with a Pandora-style [[s459|charm bracelet and beads]]. For just £23.95, you can treat someone to a chunky snake bracelet, 3 packs of charm beads and 2 packs of spacer beads: [[image:p7011i|centre|link:p7011|//Snake Bracelet, 18cm £9.99//]] {{image:p7002t image:p7018t image:p7008t caption: //All Glass and Sparkle Charm Beads £4.99 per pack and 3 for 2 - Spacer Beads £1.99 per pack//|link:s459| }} ==Gifts for £30 and up If you've more to spend and are looking to splash out a little, we've a great selection of things for the serious crafter. Our bumper packs of [[p6960|18 Tombow Brush Pens]] are now on special offer for £44.95: [[image:p6960i|centre|link:p6960|//Tombow 18 Brush Pens, Primary Colours £44.95//]] And the ever-popular [[p3090|Cuttlebug Machine]] will get you in any card maker's good books: [[image:p3090i|centre|//Cuttlebug Machine £58.00//]] We've handy [[s142|storage solutions]] for crafters on the move... [[image:p6512i|centre|//Bohemian Blue Tote Bag £34.95//]] [[image:p6517i|centre|//Black Roller Case £74.99//]] And a selection of [[s423|Daylight Craft Lamps]] for those who like to craft in comfort at home: [[image:craftlamp.jpg|centre|//OttLite Folding Craft Lamp £39.99//|link:p6171]] [[image:p6170i|centre|//OttLite Rechargeable Task Lamp £65.00//|link:p6170]] ==And not forgetting... If you can't make up your mind what to get, not to worry - we also have [[https://www.handyhippo.co.uk/giftvouchers Handy Hippo Gift Vouchers]]. You can choose any amount you like, and personalise them with your very own greeting. They can then be spent on anything in the store. Easy peasy! [[image:hh_nov09_voucher.jpg|centre|link:www.handyhippo.co.uk/giftvouchers]]