Paper Crafting 101, Lesson 1, never run out of adhesive!! Yes, there are a lot of options when it comes to adhesives, and no paper crafter uses just one.

So which adhesive do you need? Some adhesives were meant for paper, some for ribbon, some for fabric, others provide dimension, and still others that would act as a sealer, either glossy or matte. You may need one, or you may need several.

Hereメs some adhesive basics for paper crafters:

  • Glue runners are dry adhesives and by far, the go-to for most paper crafters. The runner is easy to use, the adhesive comes out smoothly, holds well, easy to refill and is relatively inexpensive. These products are available with either permanent or repositionable adhesion. "Permanent" means once it's down, it's down and trying to remove it will tear the paper underneath. "Repositionable" means you can lift it up and move it. Repositionable adhesives eventually become permanent.
  • When you really what things to stick, particularly with mini albums or an altered art project, consider using Scor-Tape for the best results. Scor-Tape is a premium double-sided adhesive, which is acid-free and heat resistant.
  • Adhesive foam pads do just the job for lifting parts of your design away from the surface. The amount of dimension for your project will depend on the thickness of Foam Mounting Pad you use. Handy Hippo offers 1 and 2mm thick pads and in colours white, black and clear to best coordinate with your project.
  • Glue Dots create instant bonds for paper crafting, leave no mess and cause less waste. What's more, when used for other types of crafting, there are no harmful burns that some people experience with using a hot glue gun. Glue Dots are small super-sticky double-sided circles of adhesive in sizes measuring from 3mm to 12mm. Glue Dots are perfect for attaching embellishments which are not self-adhesive, like gems and jewels, card toppers and flowers.
  • Wet glues are very versatile for using with many other surfaces other than paper and card. What's more, because wet glues will remain sticky a while before drying, in general they are considered repositionable.

With many styles, types and purposes to select from, Handy Hippo offers a large selection of both wet glues and dry adhesives.