Mulberry paper is a great way to frame an embellishment or add a little background detail, but getting a soft feathered edge to your shape is tricky if you don't know the easy way to do it... ==Materials and Tools * A sheet of [[Mulberry Paper]] * A paint brush and some water or an [[p688|Aqua-flow brush]] ==Instructions 1. Using a wet paintbrush or an aqua flow brush, mark out the shape that you want. If you don't have a paint brush, you can even try using your finger to dab the water along the outline you want. You need to use a reasonable amount of water, so that the paper soaks through. Try to get a neat line as this makes it easier to tear. If you make a mistake, just leave it to dry, and then try again. {{ image:p6_a.jpg }} 2. Once the water has soaked in but before it has had a chance to dry, gently tease apart the paper along the lines. Pull the edges out a little if you want to create an even more feathered edge. {{ image:p6_b.jpg image:p6_c.jpg }} 3. As soon as the paper is dry, it is ready to use. {{ image:p6_d.jpg }}