In these environmentally conscious, economically uncertain times, it makes sense to recycle. And Christmas is a great time to do it. So much gorgeous patterned paper and card exchanged, only for it to end up in a black bag on Boxing Day! But it doesn't have to be this way. Christmas cards are perfect for cutting up to make beautiful, unique gift tags to use the following year. Most Christmas cards will include some design element that you can cut out and use as a topper to mount onto a small piece of folded card. If you want to get even more creative, you can embellish or even try embossing parts of the design. A sprinkle of glitter or some sparkly [[s466|embossing powder]] will set your tags off a treat and make them look really special. (pics here) But how about if you want to make your own gift tags to go on this year's pressies - but don't have any used Christmas cards that you've saved? Well, it's not recycling but it is pretty clever - how about scanning in this year's Christmas cards before you send them, reducing the size and printing them off onto [[p6501|printable card]]? Then you can cut or punch them into any shape you like, they'll match perfectly with your cards, and it'll work out cheaper than buying them.