Die-Cutting & Embossing Machines and Accessories

Die-Cutting & Embossing Machines and Accessories

Die cutting provides the visual element making shapes and objects, while embossing brings the textured characteristics. The dies used for cutting are typically made of very tough thin metal which are specifically manufactured to withstand the pressure when passed through a die cutting machine. Dies are placed with the cutting side against the desired material and sandwiched between plastic plates in a particular order. The order of these plates is specified by the manufacturer and may require additional plates, mats or shims depending on the type of die. Once the sandwich is passed through the machine and taken apart, you are left with a die-cut design.

For your convenience, Handy Hippo provides the sandwich order and any special requirements in the product description of most of the dies we sell. However, you should always refer to your die-cutting systemメs userメs manual to follow the manufacturerメs recommendations.

The technique of embossing can be achieved with either a metal die or an embossing folder. For embossing with a die, once you have cut your design, leave the desired material in place with the die. You will then re-arrange the manufacturer's suggested sandwich order, along with the aid of an embossing mat, then passed through the machine for the embossing effect.

To emboss with a folder, simply insert the desired material inside the folder. The folder is then sandwiched between a specific order of plates and run through the machine creating a lovely pattern on the material.

At Handy Hippo we feature all the most popular Die Cutting and Embossing systems. If you prefer the more economical manual style, we stock the following:

  • Cuttlebug by Provo Craft
  • Big Shot and Big Shot Pro by Sizzix
  • Grand Calibur by Spellbinders

If you prefer the convenience of electric, you should consider the eBosser by Crafwell. For the latest in digital die-cutting, the Cricut Explore by Provo Craft is the way to go!