Embossing Folders

Embossing Folders

Embossing Folders are just the latest technological achievement in a long history of embossing. Embossing has been used for centuries with the earliest methods done by hand.

Embossing Folders are simple projects, typically made from plastic with two portions folded together. When using an Embossing Folder, it is important to carefully place the paper inside the folder. The image should be lined up so that it is positioned where you want it to appear on your paper. Then, the folder is placed between hard plastic blocks to create a sandwich and run through a machine. When the folder has been successfully pushed through the machine, the sandwich can be disassembled and the paper should be removed. The end result will be a perfectly embossed image, ready for further crafting purposes. All of our Embossing Folders are intended to be used with a machine.

Most of these machines will be manual, which means that there is a simple hand crank to turn in order to push the plastic blocks, the Embossing Folder, and the paper through. These machines are usually die-cutting machines, which means they can both emboss and cut paper. There are numerous options for die-cutting machines on the market, each with its own dies and Embossing Folders to consider.

The technique of embossing can also be achieved with a metal die or an Embossing Folder. For embossing with a die, once you have cut your design, leave the desired material in place with the die. You will then re-arrange the manufacturer's suggested sandwich order, along with the aid of an embossing mat, then passed through the machine for the embossing effect.

At Handy Hippo we feature all the most popular Die Cutting and Embossing systems. If you prefer the more economical, manual style, we stock the following:

  • Cuttlebug by Provo Craft
  • Big Shot and Big Shot Pro by Sizzix
  • Grand Calibur by Spellbinders

If you prefer the convenience of electric, you should consider the eBosser by Crafwell.