This cute card uses the 'Dog with Daisy' stamp from Wild Rose Studio. A perfect card for anyone who's passionate about their pooch. [[image:finishedcardflat.jpg|centre]] ==Materials *[[p6244|Wild Rose Studio Dog with Daisy stamp]] *[[p6581|Memento ink pad in Tuxedo Black]] *[[s407|ProMarker pens]] in your choice of colours (to colour the image) *A purple or [[p6745|violet A6 card blank]] *[[p1394|A sheet of A4 white card]] *[[p6796|A sheet of A4 purple card]] *[[p6794|A sheet of A4 lilac card]] *[[p3222|Pink gingham ribbon (7mm)]] *[[p4881|Lavender buttons]] *[[p538|Mini mounting pads]] *[[p2843|A white A6 card insert]] *[[p6590|Chisel tip glue pen]] You will also need a [[p3379|paper trimmer]], or a [[p864|ruler]] and [[p3228|craft knife]], some pink thread and some sticky tape. ==Instructions 1. Stamp the dog image onto your sheet of white card and leave to dry completely. To speed up the process, you can use a heat gun to dry and heat-set the ink. [[image:stampdesignontocard.jpg|centre]] 2. Colour in the image using [[ProMarkers]]. For each area we coloured, we used two different but similar colours to create the shading effect. If you prefer, you can create shading by using layers of the same colour, going around the outlines more times to create a darker shade - just remember to let the ink dry between each layer. [[image:colourwithpromarkers2.jpg|centre]] 3. Cut a rectangle around the image using either a [[trimmer]] or a [[ruler]] and [[knife]]. To make the image balanced, make sure the dog is nicely positioned in the centre of the rectangle. 4. Glue the cut-out image onto a slightly larger piece of purple card, then layer onto a larger piece of lilac card. 5. Cut a length of [[pink gingham ribbon]] to go across the width of the card, allowing a few centimetres extra. Position the ribbon centrally on the card, so that you have an overlap each side, and tape the ends of the ribbon down on the underside of the card. {{ image:layerscloseup.jpg|centre image:finishedcardsmall.jpg|centre image:sewonabutton.jpg|centre }} 6. Take your mounted image and stick it in the centre of the card using [[mini mounting pads]], so it is raised up slightly from the surface. 7. Using your pink thread, sew on two lavender [[buttons]], centrally positioned on either side of the dog picture, and fasten the thread with tape on the underside of the card (if you are pushed for time you can glue the buttons instead). 8. Finally, stick an insert into the card so it neatly covers up the ribbon and threads. And there you have it! [[image:faithfulfriendlarge.jpg|centre]]