This card is easy to make and the message adds an element of fun to Father's Day! [[image:straighton.jpg|centre]] ==Materials *[[p5091|Spade gardening topper]] *Some [[p5339|self adhesive pearls]] (we have used black ones) *[[p2797|A black A5 card blank]] *[[p2844|An A5 insert]] *[[p4961]] *[[p2109|Silver mirri card]] *A sheet of white card (we have used [[p2315]]) *[[Mini mounting pads]] *General all purpose glue (we used [[p1979]]) ==Instructions 1. The first step is to make our sky background. To do this, cut a piece of the blue sky card that measures about 12.5x18.5cm (4 3/4 x 7 1/4"), making sure that the clouds are the right way up! Stick this down centrally onto the front of the card blank, using the all purpose glue. 2. Next we will make the wording topper. You will need to print your message onto a piece of white card or paper. We used an inkjet printer to do this and printed the message in blue, to match the sky! Cut out the message and mount it on a piece of silver mirri card, so that you have approximately a 2mm border around the edge. {{ image:message.jpg }} 3. The final step is to put it all together... Stick down the spade topper onto the top section of the blue card and the wording topper onto the bottom section, using mini mounting pads. Stick three of the black pearls centrally between the two toppers. Finally, stick an insert into the card, using the all purpose glue. [[image:finishedcardbig.jpg|center]]