We've loads of fantastic gift ideas for you this Christmas, from great value tools, to essentials you use every day. We put together a small selection of ideas for you here, but don't forget to check our [[/specialoffers.php special offers page]] for the latest bargains, or the [[/newproducts.php new products page]] to make sure you don't miss out on the newest designs. ===Gift Vouchers [[image:hh_nov09_voucher.jpg|link:/giftvoucher]] A [[/giftvoucher gift voucher]] is the perfect way to give someone exactly what they want. Handy Hippo vouchers are valid for a whole year and can be for any amount you like. You can also write your own message that is printed directly onto the gift voucher, for a really personal gift. When you give a [[/giftvoucher gift voucher]], the lucky person does not need to spend it all in one go. They can keep coming back and paying for orders from the remaining credit. Find out more about Handy Hippo [[/giftvoucher gift vouchers]] or place an order for some [[/giftvoucher here]]. ==Great Tools at Low Prices Make the most of our special offers on popular crafting tools like the [[p3379|FingerGuard Trimmer]] and [[p3090|Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine]]. ===FingerGuard Paper Trimmer The [[p3379|FingerGuard Trimmer]] is robust, accurate, easy to use and above all safe to use. Unlike other trimmers the blades of the [[p3379|FingerGuard Trimmer]] are safely hidden away inside little cassettes, which means you can use the trimmer and change the blades on it without risking your fingers. There are 8 different blades to choose from, straight, pinking, deckle, wave and more. **Save over £5** this Christmas when you buy the [[p3379|trimmer]] and [[p3394|8 blade set]] at the same time. [[image:p3379i|center|The FingerGuard Trimmer|link:p3379]] ===Crop-A-Dile Big Bite [[image:p5685i|right|The Crop-A-Dile Big Bite makes punching holes and setting eyelets easy. It can even reach into the middle of a 12" x 12" page.|link:p5685]] We just love the name of this eyelet setter and it certainly lives up to it. It can take a bite out of most craft materials including paper, card, leather and fabric. It can even punch though thin tin, which gives you some idea of just how tough this eyelet setter really is. Another reason it's called the **Big Bite** is that it can reach a long way into paper and card to punch holes and set eyelets. A full 6 inches in fact, which means you can place eyelets right in the middle of your 12" x 12" scrapbook pages. Amazing! **Save up to 20% off** the [[p5685|Crop-A-Dile Big Bite]] and its slightly smaller sibling, the [[p5686|Crop-A-Dile Eyelet Setter Starter Kit]], though hurry as stock is limited for this offer. ===Embossing Heat Gun [[p4689 Heat guns]] are an essential item for any craft enthusiasts, allowing for a huge range of exciting techniques, such as heat embossing (especially popular with rubber stampers) and [[shrink plastic]]. At 300 Watts, it has all the power you need to heat without risking scorching your card. For even more control, there are 2 heat settings so you can use the high setting for melting embossing powder, or the low setting for quickly drying ink or glue. It is light and very easy to use, and when you are done, its handle folds away to take up less space. [[image:hh_oct09_heat.jpg|center|Dual Speed Embossing Heat, with a selection of Embossing Powders|link:p4689]] If you are interested in finding out more about using [[embossing powders]] with your collection of [[s183|rubber stamps]], don?t forgot to look at some of our [[/articles/23/silver-fantasy-tree|rubber stamping project ideas]]. ===Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine [[s282|Die-cutting]] is a fantastic fun way of creating your own embellishments for your cards. This machine accepts all popular brands of cutting dies, so you have a huge choice of designs and styles at your disposal if you own a [[p3090|Cuttlebug]]. In addition to the shape dies and alphabet dies, the Cuttlebug also lets you use it amazing range of [[s284|embossing folders]]. Simply place your paper or card into the folder and run it though the machine to create a brilliant embossed effect. [[image:hh_nov09_cuttlebug.jpg|center|The Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine, and a set of alphabet dies|link:p3090]] * Offers available at time of publication for limited time while stocks last. ==Rubber Stamping Using Rubber Stamps in your craft projects is great fun and extremely versatile, plus they make fantastic gifts. Choose from a huge range of designs for [[s183|all occasions]], combine them with your [[s91|favourite inks]], [[s92|embossing powders]], [[s93|accessories]] and [[p3017|even glitter]]. Below you will find a small selection from our range... {{ style:noborder image:p4516t|Fantasy image:p4551t|Wishes Ornament image:p5691t|Here Comes Christmas image:p5171t|Who's Counting }} {{ style:noborder image:p5177t|Linked Hearts image:p5707t|Brimming with love image:p5709t|Sweet Surrender image:p5699t|Love is the message }} **See [[All Rubber Stamps]]** Plus every [[s91|colour of ink]] you can imagine... {{ style:noborder image:p4122t|Pearlescent Poppy image:p4126t|Orchid image:p4128t|Lavender image:p4134t|Thyme }} {{ style:noborder image:p4138t|Gold image:p4142t|Chocolate image:p4146t|Black }} {{ style:noborder image:p4157t|Stazon Black image:p4160t|Violet image:p4161t|Azure }} {{ style:noborder image:p4233t|Petal Pink image:p4235t|Royal Blue image:p4239t|White }} **See [[s91|All Ink Pads]]**