You might have noticed that Handy Hippo looks a bit different... We don't want you to worry, all your favourite crafting goodies are still there. But helped by the feedback you've given us, we've made some changes to make the site even easier to navigate and find the things you're looking for. We do understand it can be a bit disorientating when things change, so we thought we'd show you all the improvements we've made here - like a kind of map to help you set off and explore the site. So here are the changes we've made: ===1. Home Page [[image:frontpage.jpg|link:|centre]] The first thing you'll notice is that we've revamped the home page. We've replaced the large static image we used to have with a rotating gallery (in green above). This means you get a shop window with a constantly changing display - allowing you to see more of what's on the site straight away. It will update when we get new products, so it's a great way to see if there's anything new at a glance. We think it makes the page a bit more exciting too... We've also added two smaller galleries underneath - one dedicated to the very latest new things and one featuring some of our current special offers. You can click on any of these pictures and you'll be taken straight to the product. ===2. Drop Down Menus Our drop down menus were getting a little bit big for their boots. We've added so many new sections this year that our old style menus were struggling to cope. Here's how the old ones looked: [[image:oldmenus.jpg|link:s89|centre]] Bit of a daunting list to navigate. So we've reorganised and simplified them. You should now find it much quicker to pinpoint the section you're looking for. Here's how they look now: [[image:menus.jpg|link:s91|centre]] ===3. Special Offers Pages [[image:moreoffers.png|link:|centre]] Since we've always got hundreds of products on special offer, we've split our offers up into sections. Now if you want to see all our money-saving offers for a particular type of product - rubber stamps, for example - you can click on the link to go straight to the dedicated section. No more trawling through pages and pages. You'll also see that we've added a new section called Clearance Offers. This is where you'll find all the very best bargains on the site, with reductions up to an incredible **85% off**! From the feedback you've been giving us, we think you'll like this change quite a lot... ===4. Section Pages [[image:section.jpg|link:s91|centre]] If you visit one of the main sections, like [[s91|Ink Pads]] (above), you'll see we've made all the pictures for each sub-section bigger, and added galleries. This way, you can get a better look at what's in each section before you decide where to visit. We've also de-cluttered these pages by changing the layout and removing lots of the old text, leaving just the most important bits. ===5. Product Pages [[image:trimmerpage2.jpg|link:p3379|centre]] Now, when you click to find out more about a product, you'll see we've made our photographs much bigger than before. This should give you a much better idea of how that product really looks, and help you when it comes to choosing colours, etc. On top of this, many products (like the Fingerguard Trimmer above) now feature alternative pictures. You can change the main picture by hovering over the one you want to see. You'll stay on this view until you hover over a new picture. We've also included stock levels for each product, so now you can see whether we've plenty in stock, or whether we're about to sell out - so you can get in and place your order quickly. ===6. Facebook [[image:facebook.jpg|link:|centre]] Finally, you'll notice we've added Facebook 'Like' buttons to almost every page of the site, so you can now 'Like' products or pages and share them with your friends. As well as letting your Facebook friends know what superb taste you've got, this function is a pretty nifty way to drop hints as your birthday or Christmas approaches... ===So...what do you think? We really hope you find all these changes helpful, and love the new site as much as we do. If you'd like to let us know what you think about the new-look Handy Hippo, we'd love to hear it. [[ Tell us what you think]].