Kid Crafts

At Handy Hippo, we have hand selected hundreds of art & craft supplies for kids, keeping in mind quality, safety and affordability. Our Kids Craft includes hundreds of basic Craft Supplies, along with supplies for Drawing and Colouring, Painting, Modelling, Outdoor Activities and more.

Have you ever seen a child using both their hands to swirl finger paint over a sheet of paper? Or watch as a child creates bountiful spirals with crayons? Then you have seen the expression on these children's faces as they explore art in the process!

Instinctively, most of us know the importance of exposing our children to arts & crafts, as it relates to a child's development. But let's go beyond the factual information. When children create arts & crafts projects, it expands their ability to connect with the environment around them, their ability to perceive, remember, adapt, as well as provide new skill sets in self-expression, communication, social and especially with their fine motor skills.

So for example, with the development of a child's fine motor skills, he or she can easily turn the page of a book, add written words to paper, hold a paintbrush, draw with a crayon or even squeeze glue from a bottle.

Let's not forget that children emulate their parent's behaviors. So if you are a crafter, albeit card making, scrapbooking, knitting, sewing or something else, share your hobby with a child(ren). This will help a youngster find their own crafting interests. Sharing your hobbies are also great opportunities for children to develop important life skills, which he or she can carry into their adult life.

Whether or not creativity comes easy to a child, research has proven arts & crafts does help to develop the right side of the brain. Fundamentally, art is just fun with no purpose or reason, just creating, getting messy, and the joyful expression of being a KID!