There is just so much you can do with stencils, and this card uses them to create a stunning embossed card for that special someone. [[image:p51i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * [[p3019|Square white card blank]] * Embossing Stencil, [[p3272|Heart Weave]] * [[p687|Embossing Stylus]] and [[p1351|Light Box]] * [[p4177]] * White Card * [[p1064|Corner Punch Rounder]] ==Instructions 1. The first thing to do when making this card is to emboss the heart design onto the card. Tape the stencil to a lightbox and then line up the card blank over the top. To make the design stick out of the front of the card, you will need to emboss the inside of the card. Position it just above the centre line, so there is room for the message at the bottom. When everything is firmly in place, use the embossing stylus to draw around the complete design. To check if you have done everything, try switching the lightbox off, as it is much easier to see which parts you have embossed already by doing this. Don't forget to go around the edge of the stencil as well, as this will frame the heart on the card really well. {{ image:p51_b.jpg }} 2. Now we need to colour the heart. Remove everything from the lightbox and turn the card over so you are working on the front of the card. The design should be sticking up from the surface of the card now. Carefully position the stencil so that is slots back onto the design. This will allow you to colour the design, without getting ink on the rest of the card. Using a finger dauber, dab the pink ink onto the design. We have create a soft effect on the example by only dabbing it lightly, but if you carry on you can get a much deeper colour. When everything is coloured evenly, remove the stencil and clean it. {{ image:p51_c.jpg }} 3. The last part of this card is the message. We simply used a word processor on our PC to write the message in pink. This was then printed onto a sheet of card and trimmed to size using a pair of scissors. Round off the corners using a corner rounder punch or a pair of scissors. Finally we need to colour the edges. This is done by gently dabbing the edge of the card onto the ink pad we used earlier. Keep going until you have an even amount of ink around the edge and the effect has covered enough of the card. 4. Stick 3 or 4 mini mounting pads onto the back of the message and then position it carefully under the heart design to finish the card off. {{ image:p51_a.jpg }}