This card features a small pram in the middle of a hand made topper. The mirri card adds a bright and colourful background for the pram and the mulberry paper gives it a soft and gentle edge. Make this card in [[p1393|pink]] or [[p1392|blue]] for a new baby girl or boy. [[image:p3i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * Pink pastel coloured card * [[p557|Pram punch]] (I have used a regular sized one) * Pink mirri card * White mulberry paper * Square white card blank * Silver 'Congratulations' peel off sticker * Double sided tape * Scissors * Ruler ==Instructions 1. Using the pram punch, punch out a pram from a sheet of pale pink card. {{ image:p3_a.jpg image:p3_b.jpg }} 2. Cut out a square, approximately 2cm x 2cm, out of pink mirri card. {{ image:p3_c.jpg }} 3. Using a tiny piece of double sided tape, stick the pram in the centre of the mirri card. {{ image:p3_d.jpg }} 4. Dip a fine paintbrush into water and use this to mark out a square, approximately 3.5cm x 3.5cm, on a sheet of white mulberry paper. Before the water dries, gently tease the paper apart along the dampened lines, trying to get a straight feathered edge. {{ image:p3_e.jpg image:p3_f.jpg }} 5. Using a piece of double sided tape or glue, stick the mirri card onto the white mulberry paper, trying to place it centrally. {{ image:p3_g.jpg }} 6. Cut out a square, approximately 5cm x 5cm, out of the same pale pink card that you used for the pram. {{ image:p3_h.jpg }} 7. Now stick the mulberry paper centrally onto the square of pale pink card, again using double sided tape (or glue). You should now have a topper to stick onto your card blank. {{ image:p3_i.jpg }} 8. Place the topper centrally on the unfolded card blank, slightly towards the top of the card (this will then allow enough space for the writing), and stick it down using double sided tape or glue. {{ image:p3_j.jpg }} 9. Gently ease a silver 'Congratulations' sticker off the sheet, taking care not to pull it out of shape (I use a cocktail stick to do this, as you can stick the wording on the end of the stick and try to get it straight before sticking it down). Using a ruler or straight edge, if necessary to guide you, place it centrally beneath your topper. If it is not quite straight, try to move it slightly before firmly pressing down on it (It is still possible to lift it off once you have stuck it down, if you very carefully ease it off ? again, I use a cocktail stick to do this). {{ image:p3_k.jpg }} Pale blue card and blue mirri card can be substituted for the pink and "It's a Girl" or "It's a Boy" peel off stickers could be used instead of "Congratulations". The card blank could also be changed, each size and shape gives a slightly different effect. {{ image:p3_l.jpg }}