//[[p6631|Penny Black's 'Mimi's Christmas']] is a fun set of clear stamps that can be used to make a fantastic variety of cards. We have used it to make a whole set of cards to give you some Christmas ideas. You can see the others at the bottom of this project.// This bold black and red design makes a great Christmas card for men and women, girls and boys - and the penguin topper adds a real touch of fun. [[image:penguinsflat.jpg|centre]] ===Materials *[[p6631|Penny Black 'Mimi's Christmas' clear stamp set]] *[[p6581|Memento large ink pad, Tuxedo Black]] *[[s407|ProMarker pens]] in your choice of colours (to colour the image) *[[p6774|White]], [[p6776|grey]] and [[p6799|light blue card]] *4 small red buttons (taken from our [[p6859|Christmas Button Assortment]]) *[[p4847|Red satin ribbon]] *[[p6761|Black DL card blank]] *[[p2845|DL insert]] *[[p1979|All purpose glue]] *[[p538|Mini mounting pads]] *[[p5062|Double sided tape]] We also used some single sided tape to secure the ribbon onto the card blank, a [[p4689|heat gun]] and a [[p3379|paper trimmer]]. ===Instructions 1. Stamp the penguin image onto a rectangular piece of white card, measuring about 5cm by 13.5cm, using Black Memento ink. Use a heat gun to heat set the ink (this prevents the ink from smudging when colouring in with ProMarkers). 2. Colour in the image using ProMarkers. [[image:penguinscloseup.jpg|centre]] 3. Stick a small red button in each corner of the rectangle, using a strong glue. 4. Cut out a piece of grey card to frame your image and glue the white card centrally onto it. Then cut out a slightly bigger rectangle of light blue card to frame the grey card and glue the grey card centrally onto it. [[image:penguinscorner.jpg|centre]] 5. Cut a piece of red ribbon a few centimetres longer than the width of the card. Using a ruler, position the ribbon across the centre of the card and tape the ends to the underside of the card blank using single sided tape. Cut a second piece of ribbon slightly longer than the height of the card and position this down the centre. Tape the bottom end to the underside of the card. With the top end, you can either tape it to the back of the card, or for a neater finish, make a slit in the fold line, poke the end through and tape the ribbon to the inside of the back of the card. 6. Put mini mounting pads on the back of the light blue card (we used about 12), a little in from the edges so they do not show. Stick the framed image centrally over the ribbon cross. And your card is finished! [[image:penguinslarge.jpg|centre]] For more Christmas ideas, click on the pictures below to see the other cards we made using this stamp set: [[image:angelsmall.jpg|left|link:Angelic Mimi Card]] [[image:sledgingsmall.jpg|left|link:Sledging Fun Card]][[image:thankyousmall.jpg|left|link:Mimi Mini Card]] [[image:xmastreesmall.jpg|left|link:Mimi Christmas Tree Card]]