This set is very eye catching and perfect for those who love butterflies. The colour of the butterfly can be changed very easily to coordinate with a chosen colour scheme. The whole set is very quick and easy to make. [[image:weddingset.jpg|centre]] ==Materials *[[p4804]] *2 Pink Butterflies (we used [[p4863]]) *[[p4802]] *[[p4808]] *[[p545|Mini Butterfly Punch]] *[[Raspberry Mulberry Paper]] *[[p1379]] *[[p1944|Sakura Glue Pen]] *A fine nibbed black pen (we used a [[p721|black Sakura identi pen]]) ==Instructions Approximate cost per invitation £1.70\\ //based on making 50 cards// 1. The first step is to make the invitation. Keeping the card unfolded, choose where you want the butterfly to go on your card. Put a blob of strong all purpose glue on the card blank, leaving this to set for a few minutes if it is a slow drying glue. Place the butterfly carefully onto the blob of glue, then leave this to dry. {{ image:butterfly.jpg }} 2. We now need to get the cards insert ready to put into the card. Choose your wording and try printing off a draft copy on a piece of paper cut to the same size as the insert (this step is not essential but it sometimes is worth checking the positioning and spelling before printing onto one of the good quality inserts!). When you are happy with the wording and layout, print onto one of the inserts included in the pack of invitations. When the glue for the butterfly is completely dry, fold the card blank and glue the insert into the card. You can use the all purpose glue to do this - just put a thin line of glue to the right of the fold line (don't go right to the edges because the insert is smaller than the card blank). Fold the insert, line it up with the fold line and stick it down. Finally, put another thin line of glue to the left of the fold line and close the card, pressing down firmly to attach the insert to the front of the card. {{image:invitelarge.jpg}} Your invitation is finshed! ==Making a Place card 1. The place card feature two tiny little butterflies to match the rest of the stationery, and we need to make these first. Punch out two butterflies shapes from the raspberry mulberry paper using a [[p545|mini hand punch]]. Decide where you want to position them and using the glue pen, put a blob of glue on the place card for each butterfly and place the butterflies on top. Once they are dry, use the clear glitter pen to colour in the body of the butterflies and put a dot on each wing, to give them a bit of sparkle. {{image:placecardzoom.jpg|centre}} 2. Write your guests name on with a [[p721|fine nibbed black pen]]. {{image:placecard.jpg}} ==Making a Gift or Favour Box 1. Decide where you want to put the butterfly and place a blob of glue on the lid. If the glue is slow drying, leave the glue to set for a few minutes, then place the butterfly onto the glue and leave to dry. It's as simple as that! {{image:favourbox.jpg}}