This card has a real 'Wow!' factor... the Dufex finish catches the light and highlights the 3D pyramid effect. [[image:straight.jpg|centre]] ==Materials *[[p4997]] *Textured Card (we used [[p5512|Black]] and [[p5448|Bubblegum]]) *A white square card blank *[[p538]] *[[All Purpose Glue]] ==Instructions 1. First we need to make the frame for the pyramid decoupage. Cut out a square of the black card measuring about 8.5cm (3 3/8") and a square of the pink card measuring about 9cm (3 1/2"). Glue the pink square centrally onto the black square, using an all purpose glue. Cut out a square of black card, measuring about 9.5cm (3 3/4") and glue the pink card centrally onto this. {{image:matting.jpg|centre}} 2. The next step is to create the pyramid decoupage. Each of the layers has a number to tell you what order to position them in. Cut out each of the layers (it helps if you line them up on the table, in number order and the right way up). Stick down the first square (this is the largest one) flat onto the centre of your frame, using all purpose glue. Use mini mounting pads to stick the next layer on top of this. You need to try to keep the mini mounting pads slightly in from the edge of the square, so that they don't show too easily once the pyramid is finished. You can position each layer by following the lines on the picture. {{image:stack.jpg|centre}} 3. Stick the completed topper centrally onto the centre of a square card blank, using all purpose glue. We have used a strong glue, as it needs to hold the weight of the topper. {{image:finished.jpg|centre}} Your card is finished! [[image:largestack.jpg|centre]]