This elegant set makes fantastic contemporary wedding stationery, and can be used for other special occasions too. They are really easy to make... [[image:blackweddingstationeryset.jpg|centre]] ==Materials *[[p4787|Tapestry Black Broderie pocket style invitation]] *[[p4792|Tapestry Black Broderie favour box]] *[[p4791|Tapestry Black Broderie place card]] *[[p3915]] *[[p4827]] *[[p3195]] *[[p456]] *White Gel Pen (we used a [[p1071|white Sakura gel pen]]) *[[All Purpose Glue]] ==Making the Invitation Approximate cost per invitation £2.69\\ //(based on making 40)// 1. The first thing we need to do is to tie some ribbon around the pocket. Take a piece of ribbon which measures about 45cm (18") and tie it around the centre of the pocket, using a double knot to fasten it in place. Trim the two ends, making a diagonal cut with a sharp pair of scissors. (You may be able to manage with a slightly shorter piece of ribbon, but you need to have enough length to tie the knot easily and then trim the ends) {{image:invitedecoration.jpg}} 2.The next step is to attach the rosebuds. Take two burgundy rosebuds and trim them so they are about 5cm (2") long. Put a blob of all purpose glue onto the back of each rosebud and position them on the knot of the ribbon. You may have to hold them in place until the glue sets enough to hold them in place. {{image:invitetall.jpg}} 3. The insert now needs to be added. Print your wording onto the insert provided with the invitations. Attach this to the black piece of card with a short length of the 15mm white organza ribbon and tie it in place with a double knot on the front. Trim the ends diagonally with a sharp pair of scissors. {{image:inviteinsidepocket.jpg}} Your invitation is finished! ==Making a Place Card 1. We now need to make the place card. Tie a piece of the white 7mm organza ribbon around the stem of a rosedbud. Trim the ends of the ribbon diagonally with a sharp pair of scissors and cut the stem of the rosebud down to length so that ot fits on the place card. The only thing left to do now is to write on the name. We used a [[p1071|white gel pen]] to do this. {{ image:placecardcloseup.jpg image:placecard.jpg }} ==Making a Matching Favour Box or Gift Box 1. The last step is to make the matching gift or favour box. Don't forget to put something in the box before starting, as the ribbon seals it shut! Cut a length of about 21cm (8 1/4") of the 7mm white organza ribbon. Tape one end of the ribbon onto the centre of the underside of the box. Run the ribbon around the box, keeping it centred and taut and tape the other end on the underside of the box. You should now have a piece of ribbon going around the centre of the box. Tie a piece of the 7mm white ribbon around a rosebud and trim the ends diagonally with a pair of sharp scissors. Glue the rosebud onto the box using a strong all purpose glue. Trim the rosebud to length (ours is about 4cm, 1 1/2" long). {{ image:topoffavourbox.jpg }} The gift box is finished! [[image:favourboxbig.jpg|centre]]