This very sophisticated invitation features a black and white photo of a pair of wedding rings. A single burgundy rosebud adds a splash of colour. [[image:p54i.jpg|center]] Approximate cost per card : £0.88\\ //(based on making 48 cards)// ==Materials and Tools * [[p3631|Rings Foto Finesse Topper]] * A6 Linen White Card * Textured Card in [[p5512|Black]] * Silver Mirri Card * [[p456|Burgundy Rosebud]] * Double Sided Tape * [[p1170|Didi Glue Dots]] * [[Trimmer]] (recommended) or [[scissors]] ==Instructions 1. The first step is to make the layers for the ring photograph. First, cut out one of the "rings" toppers. Next, cut out a piece of the black textured card which measures 6.5cm x 6.5cm (basically, a little bigger than the "rings" picture) and stick the "rings" topper centrally onto it, using double sided tape. Now we need to repeat this process again, only this time use a piece of [[p2109|silver mirri card]] measuring 6.7x6.7cm (a little bigger again), and stick the topper onto it using double sided tape. The final layer is done in the same way - cut a rectangle of the black card measuring 7.2cm x 7.2cm and stick the silver mirri card centrally it. The topper is now finished! :**Tip:** It is much easier to get a neat and accurate cut for the toppers if you use a trimmer instead of scissors. {{ image:p54_b.jpg }} 2. The next step is to print "Wedding" onto the card blank. We have used an inkjet printer to do this. Do test out your wording on a piece of A5 paper first, so you can work out which way up the card blank needs to go and if you need to make any adjustments to the position before printing onto the card blank! Simply position the text in your word processor and choose a suitable font. {{ image:p54_c.jpg }} 3. Position the ring topper on the card and when you are happy with the position, stick it down with some double sided tape. 4. The last finishing touch is to add the rosebud. Take a rosebud and carefully straighten out the stem, curving it slightly as you do so. Place the red part of the bud onto a Didi glue dot and lift it off (so the glue dot is now attached to the flower). Repeat this on the green sepals, so you now have two glue dots on the underside of the rosebud. Position this onto the ring topper and stick down. You may need to trim the end of the rosebud stem. {{ image:p54_d.jpg }} Congratulations! **Your invitation is finished!** {{ image:p54_a.jpg }} ==Alternative Idea... If, in step 1, you use [[p5438|Plum]] textured card for the 6.5cm x 6.5cm square and [[p5441|Lavender]] for the 7.2cm x 7.2cm square, you can create a very different look. We have added four [[p1187|lilac Swarovski flat backed gems]], one in each corner, stuck down with a [[Sakura Quickie glue pen]] to add a touch of glitz! We have stuck the topper onto a square linen card blank. {{ image:p54_e.jpg }}