An easy to make wedding invitation that produces a very professional and high quality result, even if you are a beginner at Card Making. [[image:p25i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * A pearlescent white [[p1448|tall DL script card blank]] * A pearlescent white [[p1474|decorative script heart topper]] * Two [[p1485|padded fabric hearts]] * A pearlescent white [[p1462|wedding invitation topper]] * A sheet of [[p2109|silver mirri card]] * A white [[p1454|insert for a tall card]] * Mini glue dots * Mini mounting pads * A glue roller or double sided tape * Scissors or a trimmer * Ruler ==Instructions 1. The first thing we need to do is to frame the hearts topper. To do this, cut a piece of silver mirri measuring approximately 65x65mm. Put glue tape on the back of the heart topper and stick it down firmly onto the centre of the silver card. {{ image:p25_a.jpg image:p25_b.jpg image:p25_c.jpg }} 2. To add a splash of colour, stick a burgundy padded fabric heart over each of the silver hearts with a mini glue dot. {{ image:p25_d.jpg image:p25_e.jpg }} 3. We now need to place our topper on the card, using mini mounting pads to give it a raised effect. Put 9 evenly spaced mini mounting pads on the back of the silver card, trying to keep the ones on the edges about 5mm from the edge of the card. Take the backing paper off all of the mini mounting pads and stick the topper down centrally in the top portion of the card. {{ image:p25_f.jpg image:p25_g.jpg }} 4. The card now needs a wedding invitation topper. Frame this as before, by cutting out a rectangle of silver mirri card, measuring approximately 39x71mm. Put glue tape on the back of the wedding invitation topper and stick this down centrally onto the silver rectangle. Place 6 evenly spaced mini mounting pads on the back of the silver card, take the backing paper off all of them, and stick down this topper centrally in the bottom third of the card. {{ image:p25_h.jpg image:p25_i.jpg image:p25_j.jpg }} 5. The last finishing touch is to stick in an insert. Open the card and put a line of glue tape to the right of the fold line, so that it stops about 2cm from the top and bottom of the card. Place the folded insert (you can print on these before sticking them in) so that the crease of the insert is lying along the centre line of the card. Put a small line of glue tape on the top of the folded insert, close to the fold line and fold the card, pressing down firmly. {{ image:p25_l.jpg image:p25_m.jpg }} Your wedding invitation is now finished! [[image:alternative.jpg|right|An alternative design that uses Roses]] ===Alternative Design We have also made another design using elements from the same range, which you might like, called [[Script Rosebud Wedding Invitation and Place Card]].