A stylish and elegant wedding invitation with a matching place card. Why not use the same technique to add matching order of service cards and even thank you cards. [[image:p26i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * A pearlescent white [[p1444|square script card blank]] * A pearlescent white [[p1478|daisy topper]] * Two [[p456|claret rosebuds]] * A sheet of [[p2109|silver mirri card]] * A white insert for a square card * Mini glue dots * [[Mini mounting pads]] * A glue roller or double sided tape * [[Scissors]] or a [[s302|trimmer]] * Ruler ==Instructions 1. The first thing we need to do is to frame the daisy topper. To do this, cut a piece of silver mirri card which measures approximately 67x75mm. Put glue tape on the back of the daisy topper and stick it down firmly onto the centre of the silver card. {{ image:p26_a.jpg image:p26_b.jpg image:p26_c.jpg }} 2. We now need to spiral the stems of the rosebuds - I have used a cocktail stick to do this. Holding the actual rosebud firmly against the cocktail stick, wind the stem, as evenly as you can, around the stick. Slide the spiralled rosebud off the stick and repeat this for a second rosebud. Trim the rosebuds so that they measure just over 5cm in length, including the rosebud and the spiralled stem. {{ image:p26_d.jpg image:p26_e.jpg image:p26_f.jpg }} 3. We now need to stick the two rosebuds onto the topper and stick this onto the card so that it is raised. Arrange the rosebuds on the table first, so that you have them exactly as you want them and then stick them down. You need to place the back of each rosebud centrally onto a glue dot (when they are still on the roll), then when you lift off each rosebud, they should lift the glue dots as well. Once you have glue dots on them, stick them down in the correct position. The topper is now finished. {{ image:p26_g.jpg image:p26_h.jpg }} 4. Turn the topper over and place 9 evenly spaced mini mounting pads on the back of the silver card, trying to keep the ones on the edges about 5mm from the edge of the card. Take the backing paper off all of the mini mounting pads and stick the topper down centrally on the card. {{ image:p26_i.jpg image:p26_j.jpg }} 5. Put a small line of glue tape on top of the folded insert, close to the fold line and fold the card, pressing down firmly. {{ image:p26_k.jpg image:p26_l.jpg image:p26_m.jpg }} Your wedding invitation is now finished! **If you would like matching place cards, follow the instructions below:** Spiral the stem of another rosebud (the spiral needs to be quite tight, as we are going to trim the rosebud to fit the size of the place card). Cut the end off the stem, so that the spiralled rosebud measures just over 3cm in total and place the rosebud onto a mini glue dot. Lift the rosebud and attached glue dot off the roll and position it in the top right hand corner of the place card, so that the stem goes down the right hand side but curves inwards slightly. {{ image:p26_n.jpg image:p26_o.jpg image:p26_p.jpg }}