The main focus on this card is from the incredibly detailed rubber stamp from Penny Black. We have used it with silver embossing powder to create a really glossy card with a cool silver sheen to it. Lots of great detailing can be added around the edge as well. [[image:p65i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * [[p4516|Penny Black rubber stamp, Fantasy]] * [[p2305|Dark blue card]] * Square card blank * Silver mirri card * [[p2130|Silver Embossing powder]] and [[p3937|embossing stamp pad]] * [[p4130|Dark Blue ink pad]] 1. We'll start by making the silver tree on the blue card. Ink up the rubber stamp using a slow drying sticky ink, such as [[p3937|Emboss embossing stamp pad]] ([[p492|Versamark ink pads]] work just as well) and stamp the tree onto a sheet of dark blue card. While the ink is still wet, cover it with the silver embossing powder and tap off any excess. You can then heat the powder to melt it using a [[heat gun]]. You'll be left with a raised silver finish that looks and feels amazing (though don't touch it until it has cooled down!). {{ image:p65_a.jpg }} 2. Finish off the tree by cutting out a square of card that is slightly bigger than the tree design and mount it onto a square of [[p2109|silver mirri card]] that is a few millimetres bigger, to create a reflective frame. 3. Before we attach the tree to a card blank you can stamp or draw a few snowflakes onto it. Scatter them about a bit and concentrate on the top right hand corner. We want it to look like there is snow blowing all over the place. If you want to add a message to your card you can do this now. We have used a message from the Penny Black clear set [[p4586|"Giving and Receiving"]], but any Christmassy message will work. It has been stamped onto the card using a blue ink to match the colour of the card we used earlier. Finally, add the tree and its frame to the card, and finish it off with a strip of silver mirri and blue card along the left hand edge of the card. You card is now ready! This card made by Stella.