//[[p6631|Penny Black's 'Mimi's Christmas']] is a fun set of clear stamps that can be used to make a fantastic variety of cards. We have used it to make a whole set of cards to give you some Christmas ideas. You can see the others at the bottom of this project.// This fun wintry card is a great Christmas project if you fancy something different to traditional red and green. It's also a nice way to have a go at using embossing powder. [[image:sledgingflat.jpg|centre]] ==Materials *[[p6631|Penny Black 'Mimi's Christmas' clear stamp set]] *[[p2129|White detail embossing powder]] *[[p3938|Tinted embossing pad]] *Coloured ink pads (we used [[p4209|Amethyst]], [[p4218|Tropical Green]] and [[p4212|Royal Blue]] VersaColor cubes) *[[p688|Aqua-Flo brushes]] *[[p4512|Watercolour paper]] *Blue card (we used [[p4700|Royal Blue recycled card]]) *[[p6749|Aqua A6 card blank]] *[[p1979|All purpose glue]] *[[p2843|A6 insert]] *[[p3068|'Let it Snow' peel off sticker]] *[[p5062|Double sided tape]] You will also need a [[p4689|heat gun]]. ==Instructions 1. First we need to emboss our image. Stamp the sledging Mimi image onto a piece of watercolour paper using tinted embossing ink (you'll be tearing the image out later so allow plenty of space around the edges). The embossing ink gives you a subtle outline so you can see where to apply powder, but dries completely clear. Sprinkle embossing powder onto the inked image and shake off any excess. Use a heat gun to melt the powder. [[image:sledgingcloseup.jpg|centre]] 2. The next step is to colour the image. We did this by making paints from the ink pads. All you do is get some ink on a damp brush and mix it with water on an old plate or acrylic block. We painted a base layer of dark blue over the image, then painted some patches of green, pink and purple on top (the colours need to be quite dark to make the image stand out). The watercolour paper allows you to paint on several layers, so you can continue to layer until you're happy with the result. While you still have the colours mixed, paint in a separate area of the paper for the 'Let it Snow' message. Leave this to dry thoroughly. 3. Practice tearing out a small rectangle of the watercolour paper so that you get used to the way it tears before tearing out your image! Tear out both the sledging image and a rectangle that is the right size for the 'Let it Snow' message. 4. Holding your torn image on the sheet of blue card to guide you, tear out a piece of the blue card slightly larger than the image on all sides, to create a frame. Repeat this for the smaller message frame. [[image:sledginglayers.jpg|centre]] 5. Glue each image onto its blue frame, using an all purpose glue. Cut out a 'Let it Snow' message off the peel off sheet and place it centrally onto the smaller torn frame. 6. Glue the two frames onto the front of the card so that they overlap. Use double sided tape to stick an insert into the card. And away you go! [[image:sledginglarge.jpg|centre]] For more Christmas ideas, click on the pictures below to see the other cards we made using this stamp set: [[image:angelsmall.jpg|left|link:Angelic Mimi Card]] [[image:xmastreesmall.jpg|left|link:Mimi Christmas Tree Card]][[image:thankyousmall.jpg|left|link:Mimi Mini Card]][[image:penguinssmall.jpg|left|link:Penguin Parade Card]]