You couldn't miss the occasion with this eye-catching card! The age can easily be changed by choosing different numbers... [[image:straighton.jpg|centre]] ==Materials *[[p4396]] *[[p2140|Disco Black Embossing Powder]] *Embossing Ink (we used [[p3938]]) *[[p3143|Blank Silver Holographic Peel Off Sheet]] *[[p3604]] *[[p3599]] *Blue and Red Card (we used [[p4699|Recycled Mid-Blue]] and [[p4693|Recycled Scarlet]]) *[[p2790|A Black Square Card Blank]] *[[p2846|An Insert for a Square Card]] *Mini-mounting Pads *A general all-purpose glue (we used [[p1979]]) You will also need a trimmer or a craft knife, ruler and mat and a [[heat gun]]. ==Instructions 1. The first step is to make the snazzy numbers. Remove the inner section of each number (you need to keep the centre pieces!) and give the top of them a really good coating of ink so that the embossing powder will stick evenly all over them. Shake embossing powder all over the sticky number squares and tap off any excess before heating them with your [[heat gun]]. This will melt the embossing powder so it forms a sparkly glossy finish. You can repeat this to add more layers of embossing powder for a deeper effect if you like. If you can see the cardboard on the edges of the frames and centre pieces, use a black pen or ink pad to colour them in. Next, we need to cut out a rectangle of red card which is slightly smaller than the number frames. Put a thin layer of glue onto the back of each frame and stick the pieces of red card onto the back of them. Finally stick the centre of the zero and four onto the red card in the right place. You now have your snazzy numbers! :Handy Hint: to get the centre pieces in the right place, we used the number that was removed from the frame... \\ Once you have glued on your red card, put the undecorated 'spare' number back into the frame. Put a thin layer of glue onto the back of the centre piece and carefully place it into the hole, pressing down firmly. Once the glue has dried, you can remove the undecorated number! {{ image:zoomin2.jpg }} 2. The next step is to prepare the card blank. Cut out a square of blue card that measures 11x11cm (4 3/8") and stick this centrally onto the front of the card blank, using the all purpose glue. Using a [[trimmer]] or a [[craft knife]], [[p561|mat]] and ruler, cut out 4 strips, about 3mm wide, from the blank silver holographic peel off sheet. Peel a strip off the backing sheet and lay in along the edge of the blue card (so it lies on the blue card). trim it to length with a craft knife. Repeat this with the other 3 edges. {{ image:zoomin1.jpg }} 3. We now need to stick the numbers onto the card, so that they are at different levels. Position the numbers on the blue card. Stick the number '4' frame down using all purpose glue. Put mini-mounting pads onto the back of the '0' frame, but avoid putting any onto the bit that overlaps the other frame. Remove the backing paper from the pads and stick down this frame. {{ image:differentlevels.jpg }} 4. The final step is to add the sparkly stars! Punch out some small and regular sized stars from the silver holographic sheet. Take the backing paper off of these and stick them down onto the blue card. {{ image:finishedcardsmall.jpg }} Your card is finished!