This card is very easy to make, but the layering and use of different types of card give it a luxurious feel. [[image:p69i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * [[p3608|Large Snowflake Punch]] * [[p4708|White Glitter Sheet]] * Red and Green Textured Card * [[p2108|Gold Mirri Card]] * [[p3081|Glitter Christmas Words Peel Off Sticker]] * White A6 Card Blank * [[Sticky tape]], Glue and Mini Mounting Pads * [[Trimmer]], [[Craft Knife]] or [[Scissors]] 1. The first step is to create the sparkly white snowflakes...\\ Punch out three evenly spaced snowflakes from one edge of the [[p5487|Pine card]], making sure you punch them as far into the sheet of card as the punch will reach. On the back of the card (the untextured side), measure the distance from the snowflake to the edge of the card. Measure the same distance the other side of the snowflakes and draw in a line, then cut along this line so your snowflakes are placed centrally on the green strip of card. Trim the card so that it is the same length as your A6 card blank. Next, cut out a strip of the white glitter sheet (this needs to be slightly wider than the width of your snowflakes, but narrower than your green strip of card) and cut this so that it goes behind all three punched out snowflakes. Use sticky tape to secure the white glitter sheet in place behind the green card. {{ image:p69_a.jpg }} 2. We now need to add our colourful layers! Cut a strip of gold mirri card that is slightly wider that your green strip and an even wider strip of [[p5457|Rouge card]]. Trim them both to the height of your card blank. Glue the green strip centrally onto the gold and the gold strip centrally onto the red strip. Finally, Stick the snowflake topper centrally onto your card blank. {{ image:p69_c.jpg }} 3. The last step is to add the wording... Stick a "Happy Christmas" peel off sticker onto a piece of white card and cut around it. Cut out a rectangle of the green card card that is slightly bigger than the wording sticker and stick the wording topper centrally onto it. Use mini mounting pads to stick the wording topper onto the card. {{ image:p69_b.jpg }} Congratulations! Your card is finished!