Ink & Stamp Pads

Ink & Stamp Pads

At Handy Hippo Crafts, we offer a huge range of Ink and Stamping Pads for all the traditional and trending techniques, available in a bewildering number of sizes, shapes, and colours. Explore the range available from Handy Hippo below.

No need to despair -- let us offer some helpful tips to help you sort the choices to select the best ink or stamping pad to fit your needs.

Ink Pads - Pigment or Dye:

Your first big decision is whether you want a pigment or dye-based ink pad for your project. Pigment ink pads are the most popular for their opaque and long-lasting colour, as well as the ability to resist water damage. Pigment ink pads are ideal for stamping onto paper and card and can be used for embossing techniques.

On the other hand, dye ink pads are fast drying ink (instant on paper and card, but can take a few minutes to fully dry on non-porous surfaces). The ink is also fully waterproof, so you can colour over a stamped image using water colours, blending pens or any other inks without smudging the original image. Dye ink pads are excellent for most surfaces, including plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, laminated paper and leather, though it is not recommended for use on fabric. They are also perfect for stamping on to ordinary paper and card.

Stamping Pads:

Stamping Pads are colourless and used for special techniques like embossing, gluing and watermarking. Emboss and Watermark pads are great to use with embossing powders to allow the powder to be the source of colour for your stamped images. For apply glitter or gold leaf to a stamped image you would want to use a Glue Pad.

Ink Pad Size:

For maximum versatility, you will want to have a variety of sizes in your craft supply. The smaller ink pads have two advantages. One, you can easily carry a large variety of colours for crafting on-the-go, and two, allow for more detailed colouring stamps or tight spaces on your projects. Larger ink pads are best for stamping larger images, particularly with background stamp designs.

Having an arsenal of Ink and Stamping pads in your stash is not just for Stamping anymore. Today, with the many techniques when using Ink and Stamping pads, the possibilities are endless what paper crafters can achieve with their projects.