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Lilian 's Review

Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed)

Our Price: £20.51

Availability: In stock

A heat gun specially designed for embossing and rubber stamping. It has 2 heat settings available and it folds up neatly for easy storage when not in use. Read more »


This 300 watt heat gun has been specially designed for embossing and rubber stamping. It provides just the right amount of heat, without scorching or warping your card.

It is lightweight, quiet and easy to hold and can be set to 2 different heat settings (low and high) with a handy switch. It also includes a simple stand.

The handle folds up neatly for storage, making this one of the most compact heat guns around.

The heat gun is not suitable for use by children.

See our range of embossing powders to use with this product.


Additional Information

Brands Woodware
Colour No
Theme/Shape No
Type Craft Tools
Bullet List Lightweight and comfortable to hold Two heat settings Compact design - folds in half for easy storage Includes stand to reduce hand and arm fatigue
SKU 4689


  1. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Lilian

    As it says light wight and easy to use. Service was great as well. The product was here very quick. (Posted on 26/03/2013)

  2. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Eeny Hambling

    very Easy to use, and is nice and light.Would certainly recommend this Heat Gun. I have used others, but this is far superior. (Posted on 19/03/2013)

  3. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Virginie Dartigues

    I am happy with this product. It was a reasonable price and does what it says on the tin. It also folds so it makes it very small and easy to put away in a drawer. (Posted on 09/02/2013)

  4. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Yvonne Marshall

    Very good product. My only one criticism is i feel it is slightly over priced. (Posted on 28/01/2013)

  5. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Emily Casey

    Great - easy to use. Hot! I can't let my six year old work it by herself, but my twelve year old is fine. (Posted on 21/11/2012)

  6. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Helen Armstrong

    Works very well. Nice and easy to use. Does tend to warp the cards a bit on high heat but it's easy to straighten them out again with a bit of weight. (Posted on 20/11/2012)

  7. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Andrea Moorhouse

    Did the job! (Posted on 12/11/2012)

  8. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by M Howcroft

    Having purchased a cheaper model which blew out after just 3 uses decided cheapest is not always best. This looks and feels like an efficient embossing gun and will hopefully get a better and longer use having gone for a more expensive model. (Posted on 03/11/2012)

  9. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Samantha Clarke

    Fantastic product - I'm new to embossing and got gorgeous results first time! Quick and easy to use, portable and lightweight. Brilliant! (Posted on 13/10/2012)

  10. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Rachel Dainty

    excellant value an really good gun for the money...i love it an ive made a lot of people happy with my cards :) (Posted on 28/09/2012)

  11. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Caroline Brown

    I am new to heat embossing but had no problems getting going with this heat gun. Does what it's supposed to, lightweight and easy to store. (Posted on 22/08/2012)

  12. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by D Carse

    Found the gun easy to use .ive never embossed before so I was a little bit nervouse.No need .Got the hang of it strairt away .the service is second to none .it arrived very quickly even on the cheaper postage thank you happy hippo and all your little hippo helpers for getting my orders to me farst (Posted on 08/08/2012)

  13. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Mary-Jane Lawrie

    I've never had a heat gun before so have nothing to compare this to, but it is brilliant! I have been heat embossing all over the place! A great price too. Would recommend. (Posted on 21/06/2012)

  14. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Joan-A Maclennan

    brilliant and nice and neat. works well and I have already recommended it to pupils in craft class (Posted on 20/05/2012)

  15. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Charlie Evans

    good heat gun, does not get too hot so you don't burn your material. I have used on felt, fabric & leather and have had good results (Posted on 20/05/2012)

  16. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Alison Gauld

    Absolutely ideal for embossing stuff onto cards. The best heat gun for this purpose. (Posted on 28/04/2012)

  17. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Nele Zgavc

    Easy to put away because you can fold it, does what its suppose to. Good product for its price. (Posted on 24/03/2012)

  18. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Lynsey McKenzie

    Heats up quick, use for embossing with embossing powders is great. (Posted on 23/03/2012)

  19. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by M Williams

    Brilliant its great (Posted on 28/02/2012)

  20. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Richard Pocock

    I'm new to crafting and so this is my first heat gun but what can I say its simple to use and does the job very well, theres no time to wait for it to heat up so you can get into using it straight away.

    The styling and colour may look childish but this isn't a toy, as its well made and feels robust so should last and the tip gets very hot so not really for kids especially with out supervision. (Posted on 21/02/2012)

  21. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Sadia Choudhury

    quick and really easy to use. As a beginner in craft found it really easy and safe. (Posted on 06/02/2012)

  22. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Alan Baker

    A very good product, comfortable in the hand. I personally prefer it to the ones without a handle (Posted on 02/02/2012)

  23. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Jenny Cox

    I brought this product along with Silver bells embossing powder for my wedding invitations. I was extreamly pleased with the results and feel that the heat gun was very reasonably priced too. (Posted on 02/02/2012)

  24. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Kimber

    My sister in law recommended an embossing gun so when I saw the one at Handy Hippo site, I
    I ordered it. The delivery was excellent and I now use it for so much work making cards! An excellent purchase from an excellent form! (Posted on 20/01/2012)

  25. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Cherry Tsang

    I bought this product to try out embossing techniques for card making. It looks very similar to a travel hairdryer and can be folded for easy storage. It is very easy to use with 2 settings. The tip of the heat gun can get very hot, so a handy metal holder which comes with it prevents your desktop surface from burning. Initially the heat gun produces some smoke, but after that it is gone. So far, I am very happy with this product. (Posted on 03/01/2012)

  26. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Marlene Bowen

    Bought as a gift. Recipient delighted. (Posted on 26/12/2011)

  27. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Coral Cable

    Fantastic product. It is really easy to use, good design/facilities such as variable heat settings. (Posted on 22/12/2011)

  28. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Jennifer Jenkins

    Nice tidy efficient little machine, two speeds are very useful, at a reasonable cost (Posted on 14/12/2011)

  29. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Janet Atkinson

    I have used one of these heat guns for a while now, and I like that it has the two heat settings (I usually use the lower heat, it takes longer but doesn't seem to warp the card like the high heat does) and that it tucks away very neatly when I'm not using it. (Posted on 12/09/2011)

  30. Embossing Heat Gun (Dual Speed) Review by Patricia Joughin

    My daughter bought me this heat gun as a present as she had already bought one for herself, and thought it was fantastic. It certainly lives up to its description. (Posted on 11/09/2011)


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