This card is perfect for a last minute emergency card. It works well for all kinds of occasions and is super quick and easy to make. [[image:p56i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * [[p4009|Penny Black Stickeroos, Sun-Kissed]] * [[p2781|A6 Linen White Card Blank]] * White card * [[Diamond Glitter Glue]] * [[Liquid Pearls, Pastel Raspberry]] ==Instructions 1. Take one of the stickers from a [[Stickeroo]] sheet and stick it onto an A6 linen white card. Try to line up the centre of the sticker with a line about 1/3 of the way down the card. Once the sticker is in place, add a little glitter with the diamond glitter glue over the petals of all the flowers. This adds an extra bit of sparkle to the finished card. {{ image:p56_a.jpg image:p56_b.jpg }} 2. Next we need to make the message along the bottom of the card. Print out your message onto a sheet of card and trim it down to size. Make it the same width as the card and a little taller than the text. If you have [[decorative scissors]] or [[p3379|trimmer]], you can use this to add a little extra detail as I have done. Run the edge of the message though an [[s351|ink pad]] to add a little colour to the top and bottom of it. {{ image:p56_c.jpg }} 3. Stick the message onto the card using [[mini mounting pads]], which will leave your message raised up from the main card. Finally you can add a little extra detail with some [[liquid pearls]]. I have put 5 little blobs above and below the message, and one between each word in a colour to match the sticker design. You can make loads of different cards using these stickers. All the cards in the picture below were made using a single sheet of stickers. The simplest cards have just taken a single sticker and stuck it to the front of the card, with a dab of [[glitter glue]] to finish it - you don't get much simpler than that! The more complicated ones, like this one, have added some layering or some extra details, but they all look fantastic and are perfect for last minute emergency cards! {{ image:p56_d.jpg }}