This is a great technique for creating some extra impact. Using a simple set of snowflake stamps and allowing them to fall of the edge of the paper you get a really interesting effect. It uses embossing powder, with a little glitter added for some extra wow. [[image:p64i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * [[Penny Black Clear Stamp, Giving and Receiving]] * [[p1417|Pearlescent purple paper]] * [[p2129|White Embossing Powder]] * Silver or [[p1962|White Glitter]] * Brilliance Dew Drop Ink Pad, [[p4127|Pearlescent Purple]] * Clear [[p3937|Embossing Stamp Pad]] 1. Arrange a few of the snowflake stamps from the "Giving and Receiving" set onto an [[acrylic block]]. Try and keep them fairly close together, but don't worry if some of them will fall off the edge of the finished design - it's all part of the effect! Ink up the stamp using a clear embossing stamp pad (this is a special type of ink that is clear, sticky and slow drying, so you can use embossing powders easily, though you can also use sticky inks like [[p492|Versamark]] just as well), and stamp the snowflakes onto a piece of pearlescent purple paper or card. 2. While the ink is still wet, pour some white embossing powder over the design and tap off any excess. You can also sprinkle a little silver or white glitter onto the design as well - you'll only need a tiny amount of it to stick to the ink, to create a really good effect. Heat the embossing powder with a [[heat gun]] until it melts and form a smooth finish and leave to cool down. {{ image:p64_a.jpg }} 3. Once it is cool, cut out a 5cm square from pearlescent card that has a good mix of snowflakes on it. Next, cut out 2 more squares of card, each one a little bigger than the previous one, to create the frame. We have used a white square, followed by a pearlescent purple square. This completes the topper, which you can now stick onto a card blank. Position it near the top of the card (as a guide, you can leave a gap at the top of the card that is similar in size to the gap on the left and right). 4. Finally, stamp the message onto the card using a purple ink to match the rest of the card. Card made by Stella