This intricate and glitzy snowflake will brighten up anyone's mantelpiece during the festive season. This card can be made in stages, for those of you who need to mass produce Christmas cards, but never have a long enough slot of time to do it in one go! [[image:p62i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * [[p3237|Snow Spindle Light Clear Stamp]], [[Acrylic Block]] and Small '[[p4481|Merry Wishes]]' Stamp * Textured Card - [[p1660|Plum]] * [[Sakura Quickie Glue Pen]] * Ultra Fine Glitter - [[p1975|Indigo]], [[p1977|Pale Blue]] and [[p1974|Spring Green]] * [[Swarovski]] Flat Backed Gem - [[p1185|Blue]] * Organza Ribbon - [[p3205|Lavender]] * [[p4131|Brilliance Platinum Planet Ink Pad]] * VersaMagic Chalk Dew Drop - [[p4180|Purple Hydrangea]] * White Card Blank * Tape and Mini Mounting Pads * [[Scissors]] or a [[Trimmer]] Approximate cost per card : £0.79\\ //(based on making 50 cards)// 1. First, we need to stamp our snowflake. It is a good idea to play around with the set of stamps, trying different centres and different spindles to see which combination you prefer. I have used the smallest snowflake and a fairly small and narrow spindle, to get the right sized snowflake for my card blank. Stamp a small snowflake on the Plum card, in Platinum Planet ink, leaving enough space to stamp the spindles. Using the same ink, stamp a single spindle onto the end of each branch of the small snowflake. You can make the snowflake more intricate by stamping a small snowflake at the base of each spindle. For even more snow, stamp a small snowflake between each pair of spindles and leave to dry. {{ image:p62_a.jpg }} :**Handy Hint:** If you are making lots of cards, it can help to draw construction lines on your acrylic block with a permanent pen. This can help you line things up more easily. Even though we suggest using permanent pen, you can still clean the ink off again when you are done using [[p522|Stazon rubber stamp cleaner]]. 2. We now need to decorate the snowflake. Prepare to get covered in glitter... Use a glue pen and the three colours of glitter to decorate your snowflake. If you can work quickly enough (before the glue dries), it helps to do all of the bits that are the same colour in one go. You need to be careful not to smudge your work, as the glitter will stick to any gluey patches! Leave this to dry. You can also add a blue Swarovski gem at the centre of the snowflake, again using the glue pen, for some extra sparkles. 3. The next step is to cut out the snowflake. I used a trimmer to do this, leaving about 4mm between the tips of the spindles and the edge of the card. 4. And now for the finishing touches... Cut a 19cm length of the lavender ribbon and use tape to fasten one end of it behind the front of the card blank, so that it is about 4.5cm from the bottom of the card. Tape the other end so that you have a horizontal line of ribbon going across the front of the card, and the ends hidden on the other side. Stamp your Christmas message in the bottom right hand corner, in purple ink and leave to dry. Use [[mini mounting pads]] to raise your snowflake so that it goes over the ribbon, slightly to the left of the centre of the card. {{ image:p62_b.jpg }} Your card is finished!