This project shows you how to make 3 charming cards using one of our clear stamps and some amazing shimmery paints called Twinkling H20's [[image:p31i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * [[p1930|fairy stamp]] and [[p1030|acrylic block]] * [[s230|Twinkling H20 paints]] * [[p4157|Black ink pad]] * [[p529|Glitter glue]] * Art institute glue * Coloured card, mirri card and vellum * Tools ==Instructions Add a few drops of water to the Luminarte Twinkling H20 colour of your choice (these are special shimmery paints). After about 5 minutes, the paint will have softened. Using the tip of a paintbrush, spread a little paint onto a mixing palette (a piece of plastic or glass will work well for this if you don't have one). With the same brush, dilute the paint considerably to make a wash of colour. The more water added, the weaker the colour. Paint the wash of H20 onto a piece of blank white card large enough to be used for the main design and message background. I used a piece of A5 card, landscape, and painted half of it. {{ image:p31_a.jpg image:p31_b.jpg }} Using a [[p4157|black Stazon inkpad]], stamp the fairy image onto another piece of blank white card and repeat this onto a piece of plain white vellum. When dry, cut away the wings of the fairy from the vellum image including a section of the main fairy which will allow room for glue when it is to be stuck to the card. Apply glitter glue to the wings being aware that they will curl back when the glue is added. Carefully lay to one side to dry. Tweezers are useful here to hold the body part of the fairy. To paint the fairy on the blank white card, use your H20s direct from the pot diluting the paint with water on a clean fine paintbrush. Work the brush in a circular motion into the paint. It will soon become soft enough to paint with. Paint all parts of the image except the wings. When dry, cut out only the painted parts. Cut away and discard the wings, hair curls, arms and legs and just keep the dress, head and crown attached as one piece. {{ image:p31_c.jpg image:p31_d.jpg }} Using black Stazon ink, stamp the same fairy image onto the dry painted background and cut the background to the size required. Also stamp the message onto a smaller section of the painted background and cut to size. Mount these backgrounds onto complimentary coloured card or paper using double-sided sticky tape or glue and trim to size. Mount again onto gold or silver [[mirri]] card and once again trim to size. Position both these backgrounds onto your chosen single fold card and stick in place with double-sided sticky tape. {{ image:p31_e.jpg }} To attach the dry wings to the card, put some glue on the reverse of the fairy body that was left when you cut the wings out. Carefully place the glued part directly onto the stamped image on the background so that it completely covers the same part of the fairy. This will mean the wings will be raised and can be curled back on the card to give a more 3D effect. Next, glue the other fairy parts and stick in place laying them exactly on top of the background image. The main body will be glued over the wings and help to hold them in place, covering the glued part. {{ image:p31_f.jpg }} Finally, add detail to the background as required, eg. stars in the sky. Other embellishments can look effective such as [[s87|little gems and pearls]]. They are exactly the right size for the fairy that holds the chain of stars. This project designed by Stella. {{ image:p31_g.jpg image:p31_h.jpg image:p31_i.jpg }}