As you'll know if you've got one, or if you've read about it, the Cuttlebug is an amazing piece of craft kit. It's a brilliant little die cutting machine that makes it easy to create die cut and embossed cards like these: (montage of pics of die cut and embossed cards) The variety of cutting and embossing folders available to use with the machine gives you lots of options. We've two sections devoted to them on Handy Hippo - currently you'll find 49 different [[s285|dies]] and 43 [[s284|embossing folders]] on the site. And there are new folders being released all the time, so you can always look forward to something new. So, we know why to use the Cuttlebug - but the question is, how to? If you've just bought a Cuttlebug, or are thinking about investing in one, our guide should tell you everything you need to know. ===How to Operate the Cuttlebug * Place the machine on a flat, even surface. * Lower the 2 platforms on either side. This will activate a gripping mechanism to hold the machine in place on your crafting table. * Place your paper or card and a die/embossing folder between the two cutting mats. Push into the feeding slot. * Turn the handle to move the die/folder all the way through the machine. * You're done! Remove your die-cut/embossed card from the machine. Watch this video to see how it's done: (VIDEO HERE) It's so easy, even we can use it!