A classic and luxurious wedding cake is the centre piece of this card. The colour of mulberry paper on this card could very easily be changed to match the colour theme of your wedding as well. [[image:p55i.jpg|center]] Approximate cost per card : £0.96\\ //(based on making 48 cards)// ==Materials and Tools * [[p3634|Wedding Cake Foto Finesse Topper]] * [[p2791|Square Linen White Card Blank]] * White card * [[Gold Mirri Card]] * [[p46|Raspberry Mulberry paper]] * [[p3234|Self Adhesive Decorative Pearls, 5mm]] * Glue stick * [[Trimmer]] (recommended) or [[scissors]] ==Instructions 1. To start with, we will make the framed wedding cake topper. First, cut out one of the wedding cake toppers from the sheet, removing the white border. Next, cut out a piece of white card measuring 6.4cm x 6.4cm (basically, a little bigger than the foto finesse topper). Glue the back of the foto finesse topper and stick it centrally onto the square of white card. Repeat this process with a piece of gold mirri card measuring 6.8cm x 6.8cm. :**Tip:** It is much easier to get a neat and accurate cut for the toppers if you use a trimmer instead of scissors. {{ image:p55_b.jpg }} 2. Now we now need to make a feather-edged square of mulberry paper to go behind our topper. Place the topper onto a sheet of the raspberry mulberry paper (you can use any colour here, to match in with the rest of your weddings theme). Using a paintbrush dipped in water, mark out a square which is slightly larger than the topper we made in step 1. Allow the water to soak in (but don't let it dry out), and then tease apart the paper along the wet lines. This will give you a square of mulberry paper, with interesting natural feathered edge. :**Tip:** Try not to use too much water, as it will make it difficult to get the right size. Do a couple of practice squares first so you get a feel for how much water you need. Also, if you can't find a paintbrush, simply using the tip of your finger works well. {{ image:p55_c.jpg image:p55_d.jpg image:p55_e.jpg }} 3. Glue the mulberry paper square to the back of the topper from step 1 and then position the completed framed topper centrally on the card blank and stick it down with the glue stick. 4. All that is left now is to add a decorative pearl in each corner of the card, and your done. {{ image:p55_a.jpg }} ===Next steps... A great way to add all the details for your wedding on the inside is to print them all onto [[s119|card inserts]]. These paper inserts will go though almost any printer and can be easily glued into the card when you are happy that they are perfect, for a really professional finish.