This simple but effective card is very easy to make. It makes a great wedding card or could be used for wedding invitations, evening invitations and order of service cards. [[image:p59i.jpg|center]] ==Materials and Tools * [[p693|Interlocking rings stencil]] * [[p1353|Gold embossing paste]] * A [[p1355|palette knife]] * Plain ivory card * Textured card in [[p5453|Mulberry]] * Gold mirri card * [[p2483|Square script card in hammer ivory]] * Masking tape, double sided tape and mini mounting pads ==Instructions 1. First, we need to make the embossed ring topper... If you have not used embossing paste before, I would recommend practising using the paste and stencil on a piece of rough paper. Make sure that the palette knife and stencil are completely clean each time that you use them (to clean off any paste, you can use warm water and a soft brush). Tape the stencil down onto the ivory card, using a few pieces of masking tape (this is low tack tape that doesn't damage the card when you remove the stencil). When the stencil is firmly held in place, pick up some of the embossing paste on the underside of the palette knife and spread this across the stencil (you don't need to press down very hard). Use the back of the palette knife to smooth across the surface of the stencil, making sure that the embossing paste fills all of the gaps in the stencil. Take off any excess paste with the back of the palette knife, trying to leave as smooth a surface as possible. I find that you get a smoother finish if you remove the excess paste in one smooth movement. You now need to remove the stencil very carefully. Lift it upwards (but not sideways), so that the stencil gets lifted off the paste without damaging it. You need to wash the stencil in warm water with a soft brush straight away, before the paste starts to dry. Leave the paste to dry (this takes about an hour). {{ image:p59_a.jpg }} 2. We now need to complete the topper. Cut out the rings (I placed the stencil over the rings and used this as a guide for the square). Mount the rings onto a square of the Mulberry card, then a slightly larger square of gold mirri card, then a slightly larger square of Mulberry card, using double sided tape. This will create the layered effect shown. You can use any colour of card you like instead of the "Mulberry" card. {{ image:p59_b.jpg }} 3. The last step is to stick the topper onto the square script card with mini mounting pads. All done! {{ image:p59_c.jpg }}