This fun card will brighten someone's day! The bright colours all coordinate beautifully and the fun and quirky characters in this range add a touch of humour. It makes great use of the Smirk range of papers and embellishments, especially the fun Shaker Stickers. [[image:big2.jpg|center]] ==Materials *[[p4972]] *[[p4978]] *[[p4980]] *[[p4846]] *[[p5448]] *A6 White Card Blank *Mini Mounting Pads *Glue Stick (we used [[p718|Super Strength Glue Stick]]) *[[All Purpose Glue]] ==Instructions 1. The first step is to cover the card with backing paper. Cut a strip of the butterfly paper which is 4.5cm (1 3/4") wide. Use a glue stick to stick this strip of paper down the left hand edge of the card, lining it up with the top edge of the card. Trim the extra piece of paper so that the bottom edge lines up with the card blank. An easy way of trimming this is to open out the card, upside down on a cutting mat and using a steel edged or metal ruler and craft knife, use the edge of the card to trim the paper. Glue the card still showing on the front of the card blank and stick on the sheet of flowery paper, lining up a straight edge with the top of the card and the butterfly paper. Trim off any excess paper. {{ image:firstpaper.jpg image:bothpapers.jpg }} 2. Now we need to add the ribbon to the card. Cut a piece of ribbon that is slightly longer than the height of your card blank. put a thin line of All Purpose Glue along the line where the two pieces of patterned paper meet. allow it to get tacky, then place the ribbon over the join. You can use a ruler to help get the ribbon straight. When the glue has dried, trim off the excess ribbon, using the edge of the card as a guide. {{ image:ribbon.jpg }} 3. The next step is to make our topper. Cut out a square of pink card, measuring about 5.5cm (2 1/8"). Take the topper off the backing sheet and stick it centrally onto the square of pink card. Stick this onto your card blank, using [[mini mounting pads]]. Try to position it so that it is centred across the width and about 2cm (3/4") from the top of the card. {{ image:topper2.jpg }} 4. The last step is to add the tag. Tie a piece of the burgundy ribbon to the tag and trim the ends diagonally (you need a sharp pair of scissors to do this!). Stick the tag to the card at an angle, using mini mounting pads. {{ image:tag.jpg image:tagon.jpg }} {{ image:finished2.jpg image:finished.jpg }} Your card is finished!